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RP Ripper Large


Laying water pipes around your paddocks can seem a daunting task… previously the job would entail hiring a digger or the assistance of willing volunteers to help with digging the trench. Having laid the pipe, you then have the task of backfilling and repairing any damage to minimise the appearance of unsightly channels.

Using the new pipe layer this is a thing of the past, allowing the job to be completed quickly with less man power and reduced impact on your land. We have prepared a simple step-by-step guide illustrating the ease of using our RP1 tractor mounted pipe layer.

Step 1Step 2Step 3
  rp1 step 1

Firstly feed the water piping into the ripper. Ask a friend for a hand as this can be a two man (or woman) job.


rp1 step 2Next lower the ripper into the ground and move forwards whilst carefully feeding the pipe through.rp1 step 3Start at a slow speed and adjust to the correct depth to suit your application, usual depth 18 inches.
Step 4Step 5Step 6
 rp1 step 4You are now off and running on your smallholding, paddocks or fields. Keep feeding the pipe through steadily.


rp1 step 5When finished lift the ripper out of the soil and cut your pipe to size. Then connect to your water source.rp1 step 6Lastly run over the ripped soil with the wheels of the tractor to remove any lumps or bumps.

Better still, the pipe layer can also be used to lay electrical cable or the pipe laying attachment can be easily removed and the subsoiler section can be used independently for breaking up and aerating soil.

Best of all this handy piece of equipment retails at the inexpensive price of £225.00*, what more could a busy smallholder ask for, apart from a nice cup of tea and biscuit?

To enquire about the RP1 pipe layer call us on 01730 264 334 and for pictures and videos of our RP1.


*Prices correct at 29th August 2014