Hydraulic Box Testing

Last month we tried out the Italian PRI140 hydraulic tipping box with our Foton tractor, the team were very impressed with the implement and made a few comments on the overall functionality, appearance and build quality of the tractor attachment.

The tipping box is 1.4m wide and weighs 140kg so great for attaching to smaller tractors, as seen with our Foton. The width of the box covered the wheel base of the tractor quite nicely and also was big enough to fit most of the items we needed.


 Hydraulic Tipping Function

We found that the hydraulically operated tipping action made loading and unloading both easier and less time consuming. You can see from our video the box tips smoothly when tilting down and upwards. Perfect when you are on your own and need to be moving heavier loads.

Overall Build

pri-140 hydraulic tipping box 2

The build quality is also very sturdy, we opted for the additional rear panel which can be pulled above the box when tipping out soil or sand.


For more information on our great range of tipping transport boxes in a variety of sizes to suit your tractor:

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