Product Update November 2014


We have a number of new tractor attachments this November. Why not treat your tractor to one?

Farm Tech Supplies are excited to announce a number of new attachments, expanding our range of grader blades, tillers and flail mowers. Get ready for managing any unruly grass paddocks in Spring with one of our mowers. Level out tracks which have grown rough and bumpy over the years with our graders. And break up any tough ground and clear out the weeds with our choice of rotary tillers.

 In the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas why not treat your tractor to one of our implements?

 Grader blade GB Grader blade GB

In addition to our popular grader blade range we have introduced a smaller 4ft wide scraper. We have had some great feedback on the current 5ft and 6ft sizes and have decided to expand with a smaller width blade. The 4GB model is recommended for 15-30hp tractors, ideal for smaller tractors when grading tracks and grounds. Model above shown on our Massey Ferguson 35hp tractor keeping the driveway level.

4GB Grader Blade

ign100 3 ign135 2

We have also added to our popular range of rotovators. Our new range of heavy duty tillers are perfect for cultivating tough areas of land. The IGN105 1.05m wide and IGN135 1.35m wide models are perfect for a range of tractors, with the models recommended from 18-30hp. The IGN rotary tiller is shown on our Foton 28hp tractor tackling the grounds with ease.

IGN105 Tiller IGN135 Tiller

VOLPE130 2 VOLPE130 3

We now have stock of the extremely popular Italian offset flail mower. The Volpe130 is extremely versatile, perfect when cutting verges the Volpe can also be used for level grass areas.

VOLPE130 Offset Flail

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