Fitting A New Water Pump” style=”center”]

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After last week’s tinkering, we found that the tractor had been running with only water and caused a considerable amount of corrosion to the pump and surrounding parts. After obtaining a new water pump with a back plate and gasket it was now time to re-fit.

Massey Ferguson MF35X water pump

This job was fairly simple to do it just needed lining up and tightening up the 4 bolts to secure the water pump. But now the pump is running smoothly and ready for the fan to be fitted.

Fan & Cowling

Again the fan fitting is very simple, just a case of lining up with the water pump assembly then bolting on. We are also adding a fan cowling to the tractor as there wasn’t any room for one with the old pump which was designed for the MF135.

Massey Ferguson MF35X water pump

Seeing as we need access for the front axle work at a later stage we just carried out a quick trail fit of the new MF35X parts to ensure they fitted onto the MF135 engine. Fortunately all fitted ok and the fan spun freely within the cowling with no problems.

Massey Ferguson MF35X water pump Massey Ferguson MF35X water pump


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