FPM Agromehanika

FPM Agromehanika is a Serbian manufacturer of machinery for compact and small tractors, making products for tasks ranging from haymaking to soil cultivation to mowing. FPM has been designing and creating high quality tractor attachments for over 60 years, which has allowed the company to have suppliers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Farm Tech Supplies is the UK’s exclusive supplier of the FPM range. These are in stock and readily available for speedy UK wide delivery.

Framed Harrow & Massey Ferguson Tractor
Additional FPM Range
UM280+ 2.8m Universal Mulcher/Flail Mower
FPM 1.85m Heavy Duty Rotovator FSPF185
SPF185H 1.85m Heavy Duty Hydraulic Side Shift Rotary Tiller
ROTAS FPM Rotovator
ROTAS180/6 1.8m Heavy Duty Rotavator (6-Blade)
LRD160/8 1.6m Power Harrow (8-Blade)
DK200/5 2m Disc Mower (5-Blade)
DKF200/5 2m Disc Mower (5-Blade)
DKF240/6 2.4m Disc Mower (6-Blade)
DKF280/7 2.8m Disc Mower (7-Blade)
DKF320/8 3.2m Disc Mower (8-Blade)
RAS400/4 4m Hay Tedder (4-Tine)
RAS600/6 6m Hay Tedder (6-Tine)
RAS800/8 8m Hay Tedder (8-Tine)
RS320/9 3.2m Rotary Rake (9-Tine)
SS300/5 3m Wheel Hay Rake (5-Tine)
VM200H 2m Vineyard Mulcher (Hydraulic Off-Set)