Power Harrows

These power harrows are designed for less stony/rocky areas with no grass and are essential for aerating the ground, which then enables the soil to gain warmth quicker so that planted materials can grow in healthier conditions. 

The steel blades aggressively churn the soil and evenly distribute it over the entire working width. The roller gently levels off the aerated soil to create a perfect seedbed.

Winton WPH130 Power Harrow

Additional FPM Range

LRD Light-Weight Power Harrow

LRD140/7 – £4,859

LRD160/8 – £5,187

LRD180/9 – £5,630

RD Heavy-Weight Power Harrow

RD200/10 – £7,894

RD250/12 – £9,237

RD300/14 – £10,785

BRD70/4 In-Row Power Harrow

BRD70/4 – £7,468