While researching and buying equipment and products online has never been easier, nothing quite beats getting up close and personal with a product you’re thinking of investing in! That’s why smallholder shows and open days are a great opportunity to explore your options and make a good decision about the equipment you buy.

Here at Farm Tech we have a busy event calendar throughout the year, both attending shows and holding our own open days. For us it’s all about meeting customers and showcasing our products. Although we naturally aim to make sales, one of key benefits for us is feedback: contact with our customers is invaluable for finding out about what products they are interested in and to understand their requirements.

See Products In Action

For smallholders and estate owners or managers, attending shows and open days puts you face-to-face the people who design, manufacture and supply products, and benefit from their expertise. It’s a great opportunity to discuss your individual circumstances and explore various options. Events provide you with the chance to try before you buy, whether that’s a test drive or watching a demonstration, you’ll get to see products in action.

Open days and events are also a fantastic source of specialist advice. Most stallholders have really great agricultural knowledge that they are more than happy to share. They may know their products inside out, but often they can also advise you on a whole range of other related subjects. Certainly our event team has a wealth of knowledge between them, and are always delighted when someone wants to pick their brains about a particular challenge or problem they have.

There are a number of agriculture shows and events still to come this summer. If you’re planning to visit one, here are our top tips for a successful day out!

What To Do At Agricultural Shows And Open Days

#1: Plan Ahead

If you’re visiting a large show it’s worth having a look at the exhibitor list and programme beforehand so you can plan your day. Make sure that you don’t miss anyone by visiting the areas you’re most interested in first.

#2: Speak To The Exhibitors

While some exhibitors may have a bit of a sales pitch they launch into when approached by a potential customer; most are just happy to answer questions, share their experience and have an informal chat. Even if you’re not in the market for a new mower or trailer, it’s always useful to see what is available and what future options you may have.

#3: Ask For A Test Drive Or Demo

If you are interested in a particular product, ask for a demonstration. Although you may not be actually able to drive a tractor at the show, or watch it plough up the showground; the exhibitor will be able to take you through functions and controls, and provide you with more information. Many exhibitor stands also show videos of products in action, so watch these too.

#4: Take A Break

A day on your feet at a show can really take its toll, so make sure you take advantage of hospitality and any entertainment that gives you a break. At our open days we always make sure there are plenty of refreshments for our visitors! A folding chair or shooting seat is very useful for watching demonstrations and displays, and taking the weight off for a few minutes.

#5: Follow Up Afterwards

Once you’ve had a chance to digest all you’ve seen after the event, it’s time to follow up on those things that interested you. For example, you may like to email an exhibitor with a question about a product – don’t forget to mention where you saw them, they will appreciate this information. Or, if you’re not ready to make a purchase, you might like to sign up to an email newsletter or follow the exhibitor on social media so you can keep up-to-date with news and product developments.

We hope this has inspired you to visit a smallholders’ show, open day or other agricultural event. Not only are they a good place to see what products are on the market, they’re also really good fun too!

Our open days are perfect for trying out tractors and implements at your leisure so why not join us at our next event on 19th August at our Petersfield site? You can find out more information by visiting our website at www.farmtechsupplies.com or you can give us a call on 01420 520510 – we’re always happy to help!