Here we have compiled a list of dogs we think are perfect for the agricultural lifestyle.

Border Collie

Possibly the most famous type of herding dog in the U.K, this breed is perfect for those who own livestock and want a companion to help with rounding up. Being highly intelligent, loyal and undoubtedly entertaining some would argue there is no other choice for farmers.

German Shepard

Fiercely loyal and intelligent makes them perfect for learning new jobs. Predominately known for their guarding ability these dogs are also used effectively by German farmers for herding, especially at keeping livestock away from roads and crops.

Old English Sheepdog

With a very distinct look this dog due to breeders has lost its original function as a herder. However, a few remain out there, farmers interested should keep a keen eye out for ones with a shorter coat because obtaining one will be highly rewarding due to this dog’s great nature.


The first guardian dog to make its way onto our list. Originally bred in the Hungarian countryside it has a very distinct corded white coat. The Komondor has a huge build and is used to protect livestock, it has a natural sense of duty ensuring its ability to guard not only livestock but it’s owners never wavers. However due to its size, strength and temperament strangers should beware.

Anatolian Sheppard

Large, sturdy and reliable the Anatolian Sheppard is somewhat of an unknown quantity in Europe in the US on the other hand it has gained the reputation for fighting off predators affectively. Another positive being they are more than happy to stay out with livestock.