After a few spring showers all of a sudden our pastures and meadows are becoming jungles as the grass shoots up overnight.

If you’re in the market for a mower to attach to your compact tractor or quad bike, there are lots to choose from. Perhaps too much… With the bewildering range of different mowers available, what’s best for your needs?

Here we look at the pros and cons of topper mowers and flail mowers. If you’re still not sure what to buy give our team a call to discuss your specific needs – 01420 520510.

Topper Mowers – Takes The Tops Off!

As the same suggests a topper mower takes the tops off long grasses, scrub and small saplings. It’s ideal for running over pastures that have become overgrown, and cutting grasses back to a more manageable length.

If you’ve got invasive species like brambles edging into your fields, a topper mower is ideal of tackling these woody plants and halting them in their tracks. Once topped you’ll find it easy to remove grass from your fields as the topper leaves grass cuttings long and in rows making it easy to rake up.

These mowers are very easy to maintain and are economically priced, as mechanically they are very basic. Budget around £900 to £1,500 for good quality topper.

In our view there aren’t many disadvantages to using a topper unless you want a close cut finish or your ground is very rough and uneven.

Flail Mowers – More Versatility

If you’re after a good all round mower, you can’t go far wrong than by choosing a flail mower. This can do the job of a topper with more versatility. Like a paddock topper it will cut long grass and woody material, but it’s also suitable for short grass such as lawns leaving a good finish if used regularly. A flail mower leaves the grass cuttings short which soon mulch down and provide a great natural fertiliser.

Another advantage of a flail mower is that it can handle rough, uneven ground and they’re highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces. As they are more compact than the topper mower, they’re also easier to store in between cuts.

Of course, for this added versatility you’ll pay a bit more. Expect to budget anywhere between £1000 for a basic compact flail, and up to £2,800 for a high-quality verge flail.

Traditionally if you have paddocks or a smallholding to maintain, the topper was the preferred choice. However, increasingly our customers are buying flail mowers because they offer the additional benefits of being able to cut verges and lawns making their estates look smart and tidy.

Farm Tech Supplies hold regular demo days where you can explore both types of mower, discuss your requirements and decide what’s right for you.