Whether you are a first-time smallholder or a seasoned veteran, visiting a local smallholding society event can provide a wealth of advice, support and great space for getting to know likeminded people. Groups are set up all over the country from Cornwall to Scotland, you can even find a group in Guernsey! We list the key information you need to get in contact and join your local smallholder society.

South West

Devon Association of Smallholders (DASH)

DASH was founded in 1986 with the vision of providing a much-needed service for those interested in agricultural living. It provides a forum for its members from Devon and the South West to discuss problems and solutions to any farming conundrum. On top of this DASH runs low cost practical training courses for its members which help develop knowledge and skills to get the job done.

Tel: 07801501777

Website: https://www.devonsmallholders.co.uk/

Somerset Smallholders Association (SSA)

The SSA represents a wide variety of those involved in the agricultural community, from those with a small plot to those who are totally self-sufficient. Their aim from the beginning has been to provide support for those within their association. To be as helpful as possible they hold meetings all over the country, usually these meetings take the form of opportunities to learn new skills.

Tel: 01963 140580

Website: https://www.smallholdersomerset.com/

South East

Kent Smallholders

In 1987 Hadley College founded the Kent Smallholders. Every month likeminded agricultural enthusiasts meet at the college to discuss a range of topics and mutually support each other. New members are always welcome.

Tel: 01959 523098

Website: https://www.kentsmallholders.co.uk/

Surrey Smallholders

are a membership Group of likeminded people who have combined our knowledge and experience to set up an Association which serves the needs and interests of existing and aspiring smallholders, whether smallholding is pursued as an interest, lifestyle or as a business.

Website: https://surreysmallholders.org/

West Sussex Smallholders Club (WSSC)

Are a friendly support group aiming to network, help and encourage productive smallholding on any scale. Based in West Sussex, they meet on the last Wednesday of every month at the Brinsbury Campus of Chichester College

Website: https://www.westsussexsmallholdersclub.org.uk/

East of England

East Essex Smallholders Group (EESG)

EESG are a group who welcome anyone who holds an interest in keeping animals or growing vegetables. It doesn’t matter if you don’t keep a lot of animals or have a small patch you tend to, even those who look after a few chickens in their back garden have found the experience of EESG’s meetings and events hugely enjoyable and resourceful.

Tel: 07854595640

Website: https://eastessexsmallholders.blogspot.co.uk/

Norfolk Smallholders Training Group (NSTG)

The NSTG is a small charity group based in Norfolk. It is dedicated to teaching all the aspects to being a smallholder. Members of the group pay half price to what normal customers pay when it comes to helpful courses. Not only that the NSTG hold an annual show in August and have a presence in many other shows in the country.

Tel: 01379 688340

Website: https://www.nstg.org.uk/

Suffolk Smallholders Society

The Suffolk Smallholders Society is a non- profit group of like-minded people interested in smallholding, self-sufficiency, allotments, fruit and vegetable growing and animal husbandry on a small scale.

Website: https://www.suffolksmallholders.co.uk/

The Midlands

Derbyshire Smallholders Association (DSA)

The Derbyshire Smallholders Association was formed in 2001 by a group of like-minded people with the aim of providing the opportunity for fellow smallholders and those with just an interest in smallholding, to network and to pass on skills and information.

Tel: 07860 534209

Website: https://www.derbyshiresmallholders.co.uk/

North Shropshire and Borders Smallholders Group

The group welcomes everyone to enjoy an informative talk and afterwards chat and exchange ideas with other like-minded people.

Website: https://northshrop-smallholder.co.uk/

Shropshire Smallholders Group

Shropshire Smallholders Group is a non-profit making organisation. We provide members with information and mutual support in all aspects of smallholding including animal husbandry, growing fruit & vegetables and general smallholding interests.

Website: https://shropshiresmallholdersgroup.org/

North West

Cheshire Smallholders Association

This is a group of small-scale and hobby farmers, horse enthusiasts and countryside lovers. The livestock interests of members include sheep, goats, pigs and cattle, chickens, ducks and geese while many keep horses/ponies plus a few llamas and alpacas.

Website: https://www.cheshiresmallholders.org.uk/index.htm

North East

Northumbria Smallholders Association

The Northumbria Smallholders Association (formerly known as Kirkley Smallholders Association) was formed about 21 years ago after a smallholder’s course at Kirkley Hall College finished and the people on the course wanted to keep in touch and help each other out. You do not have to have a smallholding to be a member of the club, most members either have a dream or a garden where they may keep poultry or grow vegetables.

Website: https://www.northumbriasmallholders.co.uk/

North Pennines Smallholders (NPS)

The aim of the NPS is to establish a network across the region that will provide benefits for members, their land and the wildlife within it. Eventually it is hoped that the NPS will bring smallholders, landowners and like-minded people together to learn more about their land and how they can work together to look after it.

Website: https://www.northpenninessmallholders.co.uk/


Scottish Smallholders Association

The Scottish Smallholders Association has been in existence for more than 20 years, with members from all over Scotland, although most are from the Central West and South West of Scotland. They organize talks of interest to smallholders, and some craft and social events.

Website: https://scottishsmallholder.com/

Central Scotland Smallholders Association (CSSA)

The CSSA are a group of aspiring and existing smallholders who get together to share knowledge, experiences, and socialise.

Website: https://smallholders.webs.com/


Dyfed Smallholders

The Dyfed Smallholder’s Association has been active for over 21 years and is one of the oldest smallholder groups in the UK. Membership of the association provides benefits such as a monthly newsletter, regular meetings featuring guest speakers, access to

Website: https://www.dyfedsmallholders.org.uk/

Montgomery and District Smallholders

You don’t need to own a farm to join, although many members have small farms of a couple of acres, or a garden. The group arrange talks on diverse topics of general interest. they arrange visits to places of interest, and occasionally visit member’s farms. If you have any interest in growing things, making things or keeping animals the members have a vast range of experience that they are willing to share.

Website: https://smallholders.uk.com/


Shetland Cattle Herd Book Society (SCHBS)

This Charitable organisation was set up with the specific goal of preserving the special cattle breed and ensure its survival on the Shetland island. By becoming a member of SCHBS you will be joining a discerning group of people who love, respect and nurture Shetland’s ancient and unique native cow.

Tel: 01595 696300

Website: https://www.schbs.co.uk/

Guernsey Smallholders’ Association

The Guernsey Smallholders group is a practical and social club which forms a network of people who can offer each other advice, support & help and which also facilitates the exchange of produce, skills and ideas.

Website: https://guernseysmallholders.weebly.com/