There are many breeds of goats and finding the right one for your smallholding can be troublesome. Below is a small guide on key traits for popular breeds in Britain.


Anglo-Nubian: The most popular dairy goats in Britain due to its ability to produce rich milk which is high in butterfat and protein.

British Saanen: A heavy milk yield will be produced with this goat, partly since it has a long lactation period. It also has an easy-going nature making it enjoyable to own.

British Toggenburg: Very popular amongst cheese-makers, partly down to its milking ability. Are also a strong and robust breed.

British Alpine: Known to be a solid milker. Similar in appearance to the British Toggenburg except with an impressive black coat.


Boer: Perhaps the friendliest breed with distinctive features such as large floppy ears. Produces little milk but can make a good dual-purpose goat with the males weighing as much as 150kg.


Angora: Produces mohair by having a course, curly coat which will need shearing twice a year. This isn’t a goat recommended for beginners.


Pygmy: Very good with children due to them being small and easy to handle. Another bonus is that they take up far less space than the average goat.

Bagot: Great for conservation grazing but not much else. This ancient breed can be very shy and nervous so isn’t recommended for beginners.


Below in the text ‘Home’ is a link to the British Goat Society which can provide an even more in depth description of each goat and more!