Branson tractors’ motto is ‘Born of Steel’, a nod to their production in one of the largest steelworks in the world. But what is the brand’s history, and which tractors are they producing today?

The History

Branson tractors are manufactured by Kukje Machinery Co., currently a subsidiary of Tong Yang Moolsan (TYM), both South Korean companies. Founded in 1968, as Korea Agricultural Co., changing its name to Kukje Machinery Co. ten years later, the company began manufacturing tractors. Until 2016, it was a subsidiary of Dongkuk Steel, when it was sold on to its current parent company.

Kukje Machinery Co. has a long history of collaboration, going back to 1980, when they signed a technological agreement with Yanmar of Japan. 1987 also saw Kukje becoming a manufacturer and distributor of John Deere tractors. In 1995, Kukje established a diesel engine manufacturing plant, leading to an agreement with Cummins, a global diesel engine company, to build engines for them.

The Branson name appears in 2003, established to distribute the brand in the US as Branson Tractor, LLC, though they also manufactured tractors sold under the Century brand. Branson Tractors UK Ltd appeared in 2015. Since then, Branson has produced reliable yet inexpensive tractors, as well as an extensive range of attachments, such as front loaders, flail mowers and graders.

In Focus: Branson Compact Tractors

Current Tractors

Branson offers a good range of compact tractors:

  • The 05 Series are the smallest of the family, with the 19 HP 1905h, and the 25 HP 2505h being an ideal but cost-effective purchase for smallholders in need of a tractor that takes up minimum space.
  • Both tractors in the 00 Series boast a bijou but feisty 25 HP, with a choice of a manual or hydrostatic transmission.
  • The next size up is the F Series, which comes with 25 HP or 47HP. The latter can be upgraded with a roomy cab and offers the choice of hydrostatic or mechanical synchro mesh transmission, while both are reliable and user friendly.
  • The 25 Series tractors are highly durable with an eco-friendly engine from Branson. The tractors in this line have either 47 HP or 60 HP. The former has the option for a cab or open seating, while the larger 60 HP models have a cab as standard but a choice of hydrostatic or mechanical synchro mesh transmission.

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