Despite being a relative newcomer to the world of compact tractors, Solis has seen an astronomic rise since its inception, to become one of the largest producers in the world. How has this happened and what range do they have on offer?

In Focus: Solis Compact Tractors


The History

The owner of the brand, International Tractors Limited was incorporated in 1969, founded by Lachhman Das Mittal. Solis, also known as Sonalika, built its first tractor in 1995. This was designed by the Central Mechanical Engineering Institute (CMERI). Large scale production began the next year at the Hoshiarpur plant in the Punjab area of India.

With the new millennium came a new collaboration with Renault Agriculture, when Renault bought a 20% stake in the company. The next year, the company achieved the capability to produce tractor engines in-house. Solis bought back their stake from Renault when Claas purchased Renault in 2005. In the same year, Solis agreed a tie-in with Yanmar and launched their first compact tractor.

For the next six years, the company released a new series of tractors every year or so, and by 2012, these tractors were selling across 50 countries. Today, Solis tractors are sold in more than 150 countries, with factories spread out across the globe.

Quite the Range

Solis has a fantastic range of compact tractors to fulfil any need:

  • The Solis 20 is ideal for private land, with a bijou 20 HP but with all the power needed to complete smallholding tasks and a front loader to boot.
  • At a slightly higher 22 HP, the Solis 22 is low noise and low impact on the environment.
  • The Solis 26 is the UK bestseller, with the choice of a standard, hydrostatic or 9+9 gearbox to add to its compact charm.
  • With the versatility for farmwork and construction, the Solis 50’s 50 HP is perfect for almost any task.
  • The Solis 75 offers the greatest comfort of the range, with a fully air-conditioned cab and all the mod cons. There is also a narrow option, which is ideal for vineyards and orchards.

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