As their slogan ‘Run ahead of the pack’ suggests, Kioti is proud to be one of the agricultural machinery industry’s forerunners. But how did they become one of the most well-known brands of compact tractor?

In Focus: Kioti Compact

The History

Daedong, the company behind the brand Kioti, was founded in 1947, in Daegu, South Korea, specialising in metal casting. The company quickly started producing agricultural machinery two years later. Their first tractor left the line in 1968, and since then, they have become the largest manufacturer of compact tractors in South Korea.

In 1982, Daedong entered the overseas market, with the first tractor emerging in the American market four years later. During this time, one of the brands Daedong partnered with was Lely KIOTI, which Daedong acquired in 1993 with the creation of Daedong USA. As Daedong is based on Chinese characters, the name was difficult for Western markets, so the name Kioti was used for international sales.

The UK network of Kioti dealers is run by the Daedong Kioti Europe BV, based in the Netherlands. This subsidiary of Daedong USA has been run by the Pols Group of Holland since 2016.

The Products

The Kioti range has a compact tractor for almost any smallholder, equestrian or estate owner:

  • The CS series is the smallest in the Kioti range, with HP between 21-25, and the choice of a hydrostatic or a live mechanical transmission.
  • Versatile and flexible, the 24.5 HP CX Series has the option for an open seat or closed cab, as well as the same transmissions as the CS Series.
  • The CK Series can be bought to just about any specifications for any task. With power between 25-50 HP, and choices for comfort, transmission and a front loader, these tractors are highly customisable.
  • Also with a multitude of options and a powerful 45-60 HP, the DK Series has the added benefit of a raised frame, to leave crops undamaged.
  • As the largest compact tractor at 73 HP, the RX Series is the most comfortable and safe in the range.

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