A push-mower may be the perfect choice for a normal suburban garden, but for anywhere over a half-acre something more heavy-duty is necessary. This is where a compact tractor mounted, and PTO powered attachments come in handy. However, there’s no one size fits all for lawns, so we have some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your grass.

Winton WRP1 Ripper and Pipe Layer

Watered Well

The amount of water that a lawn needs to remain green and lush depends on several factors. Some grass types will need to be watered more often than others. Similarly, shady areas will need less watering than those in direct sunlight. Sandy soil does not retain moisture well, so it needs more water, while clay soil can easily become waterlogged and boggy. The Winton Aerator pierces the soil with minimal disruption to the grass to improve drainage and can be bought with a roller upgrade which levels the ground at the same time.

Irrigation is an option for keeping grass hydrated, but this requires setting in pipes for the water to be transported where it is needed. The Deleks or Winton Ripper and Pipe Layer can simultaneously rip a narrow groove in the turf and set a flexible cable up to 60cm down. The rucked-up turf can then be driven over to flatten down the ripped soil with the tractor tyres. This removes the need for a backhoe to digs the hole and prevents the damage which would need a lot of work to repair afterwards.

Tractor Attachment Lawn Maintenance – FTS Guide

Magnificent Mowing

There are also several things to consider with mowing. One of the first decisions to make is what type of mower to use. While a topper mower is powerful enough to cut through scrub and saplings, it does not have the precision most people require for their lawns. A flail mower can manage rough scrub and give a close cut down to about 3cm on well-maintained lawns. For those who desire a fine cut, a finishing mower can trim down to 2cm.

It is important to mow consistently during the growing season, as it is not advised to remove more than 1/3 of the grass height in a single mowing. Therefore, keeping to a schedule will keep the grass healthier. If a scheduled mow is missed, simply follow the 1/3 rule and mow again after a few days.

Adding a rear roller kit to a finishing mower can add stripes after mowing. Mown lines are very aesthetically pleasing, but for healthy grass, it is a wise idea to change direction each mow. Otherwise, the grass is ‘trained’ in the same direction which, over time, packs down the soil creating ruts and grass starts to grow at an angle. This leaves a rough and shaggy lawn.

FR FTS field roller Massey Ferguson

Covering Ground

On occasion, the grass cannot get enough nutrients from the soil, and it is necessary to use fertiliser. The Winton PTO Spreader comes in two sizes to suit your acreage and offers an adjustable spreading range for fertiliser, or even seeds if the grass is getting thin.

A lucky few can boast a naturally even lawn. However, for most lawns, bumps and divots seem to appear out of nowhere and moles can cause havoc on a tidy lawn. The Winton Field Roller is an effortless way to level out the lawn again. The drum can be filled with liquid until the desired pressure is reached to flatten the ground without leaving compacted soil behind. For those wanting to kill two birds with one stone, some attachments have an optional roller upgrade, such as Winton Finishing Mowers and the Winton Aerator.

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