Pre-Delivery Information

Please read this information prior to delivery and contact us if you have any questions or additional information for your order.

Your Tractor

Prior to delivery please check the following to ensure you get up and running with your machinery as quickly as possible:

  • Tractor top link arm is attached and can be extended freely – sometimes these can become seized or can be damaged. (We stock various new top link arms if a replacement is needed, see our accessories page)
  • Lower link arms are present – yes really! Our machinery with 3 point linkages will need the top link arm and 2 lower link arms on your tractor to attach.
  • Lower link arm adjusters/check chains are free and easily adjustable. These can become seized – so ensure they are free to adjust your lower link arms to the correct size for the machine.
  • Tractor PTO shaft spins in a clockwise direction when standing behind the tractor. There are a few tractors which spin the opposite way. (See our PTO guide here)
  • The PTO output on your tractor should be 6 splined and 1 3/8″ size to fit our machinery. Older Ferguson T20s (Grey Fergies) are renowned for their PTO size which is smaller than the modern tractor/implement size. PTO converters are usually readily available online to rectify this! (See our PTO guide here)
  • Check your linkage size (linkage size guide here). Our machinery is designed to fit category 1 sized compact tractor linkages. We provide cat-1 sized lower link and top link pins to attach to your tractor.
  • If your machinery requires hydraulics to operate ensure your tractor has the correct number of hydraulic outlets. Also ensure the flow rate is set up correctly on your tractor, consult the tractor manual for more information.

Your Machine

  • Always read the manual before using or even unpacking your machine! A paper copy will be provided with the delivery notes stuck onto the item. If you would like a replacement paper copy please contact us.
  • Check all bolts are tight before use and within the first 4 hours. This ‘shake in’ period ensures the machine is ready to go, similar to a car when checking wheel bolt tightness.
  • Grease and oil – again like a car your machine has moving parts which need to be lubricated, a grease gun is a good purchase for greasing bearings or PTO shafts. 80W90 grade oil is most commonly used in our machinery gearboxes (but please consult your manual for specific grades & volumes).

Pallet Delivery Service

  • Delivery times are weekdays and between 9am – 5pm. (If you require an AM/PM slot this can be provided for an extra fee)
  • We use a pallet delivery service due to the nature and size of the items we sell. We suggest you are available at the delivery address on the day to ensure the pallet is signed for in good condition.
  • Once you have removed the goods, you will get to keep the pallet to re-use or recycle.
  • We will request the courier calls 1 hour before delivery to ensure there is someone to sign for the goods and to give an approx. ETA. Please provide two contact numbers if possible to ensure the delivery goes smoothly on the day.
  • Lorry sizes can vary so please advise if there are any width or access restrictions when ordering. Also overhead trees/branches are not too friendly for the couriers curtain lorries so please be aware of this when arranging delivery.
  • If the delivery address is tricky to find, please add any additional directions or instructions to your notes and we can pass this on to the courier.
  • When The Driver Arrives
  • By default we will request a lorry with a tail lift for offloading (except with oversized goods as noted on the corresponding product pages). This enables the driver to drop the pallet to the floor for unpacking or moving.
  • The goods can usually be deposited to the kerbside using a pump truck. Please ensure there are no obstacles, kerbs, steps, gravel or any soft ground from the vehicle to the drop off point.
  • The driver has 20 minutes to deliver your goods, any delay could result in your goods not being delivered on your allocated day and could incur an additional re-delivery charge.
  • Please ensure you are reachable by phone or provide a 2nd alternate number to avoid any complications on the day.