Did you know that tractors have different sized linkages?

The three-point linkage is a standard design for attaching implements (equipment & machinery) to tractors. This is usually dependent on the HP rating of your tractor and can also vary by manufacturers preference. Three-point hitches are divided into different sizes of linkage categories.

Most of our equipment will be fitted with category 1 (Cat. 1) linkage which is most common with compact tractors and some pieces will also have the option to fit to smaller sized Cat. 2 tractors.

We have compiled some information to help you identify the correct linkage category for your tractor, from sub-compact tractors through to larger farm tractors

Category 0

Some sub-compact tractors and ride on mowers will have this linkage type

  • 16mm (5/8″) Diameter pin – universal to both the top and lower linkage

Category 1

This is used by the majority of manufacturers on most compact tractors 14-55 HP

  • 19mm (3/4″) Top linkage
  • 22mm (7/8″) Lower linkage

Category 2

Usually found on small tractors 45-120 HP

  • 25mm (1″) Top linkage
  • 28mm (1-1/8″) Lower linkage

Category 3

Most often used on large farm tractors 100-225 HP

  • 32mm (1-1/4″) Top linkage
  • 38mm (1-7/16″) Lower linkage

Category 1 implements can often be used on category 2 tractors simply by adding Cat. 1-2 bushes on the pins and a Cat.1-2 top linkage arm! But beware as most compact tractor machines are designed with a smaller A-frame width, always best to check with your stockist before purchasing.