After a somewhat mild winter for many we couldn’t wait to get out on the tractor and hook up one of our snow blades one cold and snowy morning in February.

Of course we were lucky to only have a scattering of snow which had cleared by mid morning, but the track was cleared easily with our hydraulic snow plough. With boots and gloves on securely we even made a trip into the snow covered paddock to get a few great pictures of the plough & Foton. (Although the sheep weren’t best pleased that we had taken over their part of the field!)

The snow plough uses a rubber blade as opposed to our more basic scrapers with metal blades. This meant that it was also perfect for use on the tarmac of the main driveway.

Hydraulic operation is also handy when you need to change the direction of the blade quickly and easily without the need for getting out the toolbox.

Flexibility is key with the SP snow plough, the springs on the linkage provide protection for the blade and road surface if any objects are met when clearing snow. When the blade is not in use the foot stand on the rear of the attachment is also handy, perfect for storing the plough through the year.

Overall a great piece of kit for any smallholder or tractor owner. You will be envied by neighbours when clearing your driveway this Winter even if it is only a few centimetres this time!

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2015-02-03 10.06.00

sp160 snow blade plough

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