As all horse owners know, taking care of these beautiful animals is a daily job. Whether the horse is turned out for a few hours a day, or always outside, paddock care is equally as important as looking after the horse. These tasks vary throughout the year, but Farm Tech Supplies has plenty of attachments to make these jobs easier!


  • Analyse the soil for pH and nutrients, and where needed use a fertiliser to bring the soil up to scratch. Use one low in nitrogen, as this can cause metabolic issues for horses.
  • Harrowing will remove dead grass and level off poaching areas, which promotes new growth. The Hackett range of standard and framed harrows can make this job a breeze.
  • Use a roller, such as the FTS Field Roller, to repair winter damage.
  • Reseed any sparse areas. High traffic areas, such as gates and troughs, may benefit from a radius of crushed stone, which will prevent this ground turning into a mud-bath.
  • Top the grass, perhaps using the Fleming or Winton Topper Mower, making sure to cut the grass no shorter than 5cm. For a mower which can be used for lawns as well, flail mowers will do it all.


  • Continue to top the grass, as this will promote healthy growth.
  • Cut the hay.
  • Control the weeds. A vigorous harrow can help with weeding before they start seeding, but should not be used after the seeds are in, or on ragwort at any time, as this will spread the problem.
  • Reseed paddock grass towards the end of the season.


  • Top for the final time before winter.
  • Harrow to remove dead grass and even out poached areas.
  • Manage drainage in the paddock as boggy or flooded areas will have less healthy grass and pose a risk for horses. The Fleming Aerator is enormously helpful for this purpose.

A year of paddock care


  • Rotate your paddocks so the grass can rejuvenate.
  • Repair fencing, perhaps using the Winton Post Hole Borer. If you would like to run a water pipe out to the paddock trough, this is the ideal time to use the Winton Ripper and Pipe Layer.
  • Test the soil’s pH and nutrients ready for next year.