In our third part of re-seed we attached an unfilled roller and lightly compacted the earth and grass seeds.

Our previous stage of re-seeding involved spreading the seed and raking over the top soil. To follow this we attached one of our rollers to lightly compact the soil and seeds.

We rolled the area with an empty roller, this lightly pressed the soil together and made sure that the grass seeds were in contact with the soil. The rolled seedbed will also hold moisture longer which is vital over the summer months, especially as frequently watering such a large area is a time consuming job.




The next step is waiting. Waiting for the grass seed to grow in the paddock and maintaining the area over the coming weeks. As we have very sandy soil at our premises this dries out very quickly normally and especially so over the summer months, so we will be keeping an eye on the soil and making sure it doesn’t get too dry.

Although we are yet to try out Tim’s trailer and water butt idea… a great time saver!


See below our video of the roller being used on the paddock seed bed.