The second stage of our project to re-seed the paddocks involved spreading and covering the grass seed.

The first part of our re-seeding project we tilled and prepared the seedbed ready for the grass seed. Our next step involved weeding and raking to get the grass seed ready for germination.

After popping down to our local countrywide store to get a few bags of seeds to cover the area, we scattered the grass seed over the freshly prepared seedbed. The next stage was to run over the soil with the tines to turn a light layer of top soil onto the grass seeds. We attached the tines to our Foton and set off around the paddock. We found that we could easily adjust the depth of the tines as they are mounted, as we had first considered using a set of our drag harrows.

The tines act similarly to a conventional garden rake but on a larger scale. Unwanted vegetation or weeds were picked up by the tines and the seed is lightly raked into the top of the soil, we would have liked to cover all the seed but realistically covering most of the seed is helpful to aid growth.


Our next task will be rolling the area to improve the seed germination process.

See below our video of the tines at work on the paddock seed bed.


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