“We’ve just purchased a 13 acre site – pasture and hedge row to maintain – and are currently toying between a compact tractor & flail hedge cutter & topper vs quad bike & topper (and get someone to cut hedges for us!) Should I go for a small tractor or ATV?”

Chris, East Sussex


Thanks for the question Chris, I think you have a big decision ahead of you!

In the short term the quad bike and topper are the most cost effective option with hedge cutting being outsourced elsewhere.

With 13 acres to maintain a quad bike may suffice but I can imagine the grass growth in the summer will make it hard to keep up with cutting as a quad will usually tow a 4ft deck on pasture. (You’ll also need to avoid going too fast which is often the temptation with a quad).

We always like to mention that a quad and implement are also having to use 2 engines, whereas with a tractor you utilise its own hp to run any equipment off the PTO.

We find that many people decide to choose a compact tractor for smallholdings and estates in the long term, even if grass cutting may be the only job at present.

The wide range of attachments that you can then buy in the future are ideal for everyday jobs and big projects. You may find there is the need for laying water pipes with a pipe layer, tipping boxes for moving tools or loads and even implements to help with fencing.

It is also key to have a good number of hydraulic spool outlets on a tractor which you wouldn’t get with a quad.

This way you have the option to operate hydraulic verge flail cutters (4 spools), hydraulic cranes (2 spools) and tipping trailers (1 spool). Our Foton tractors have 4 so a wide range of attachments will fit this.

  • For all around grass cutting a good flail mower will cover you for both well maintained lawns and tougher paddocks, we have a wide range to choose from with our top spec model the Winton range.
  • For hedge cutting up to about 5ft we also have a hydraulic flail mower where the head can be tilted to vertical and extended to offset the tractor, this achieves a cutting ‘height’ on hedges 4-5ft plus the tractors linkage lifting height. You could also use this to cut your pasture so no need for an additional mower!

Hope this helps :)



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