What kind of warranty do you get on the Foton? It’s obviously a much cheaper option than a Holland, John Deere etc. but for what I need does appear to tick all the boxes. Presumably for general (relatively light) use these fit the bill OK?

Mr. S, Uckfield

We get many questions about the price too, the Foton is made in China so this reduces the price significantly (although we suspect the big brands probably do the same with some parts).

They have been specified for regular use by smallholders and estate managers so fine for standard everyday use. Not so much for heavy farm work which would have a number of different requirements.

We give a year’s warranty our Foton compact tractors and stock spares so there is no worry if you needed any parts you could just give us a call. We have a number of parts shipments arriving regularly into our workshop in Hampshire and can arrange immediate shipping.

Where are our Foton tractors now?
  • We have a local customer who has had one for 2 years + and has used it to clear some woodlands on his land and run a chipper to clear the cut branches and maintaining a couple of paddocks with horses (harrowing, grass cutting and poo picking).
  • We also have a customer just down the road who has bought a Foton and backhoe to tidy up his field, excavate a large pond and fence the area in with a hole borer.
  • Our best customer was so impressed with his first Foton he has now bought a further 2 to maintain solar panel farms throughout the UK. I think he is also up to his 5th mower to cut the grass between the panels, he finds the hydraulic mower works best for this.


All the best :)