After an unusually wet and windy winter, spring is in the air and the grass is beginning to grow. Whether you have an overgrown pasture or a manicured lawn, if you have a compact tractor there will be a mower to suit your cutting needs.

Traditionally a topper mower would have been used for pasture topping. With a cutting action similar to a lawn mower this gives an effective rough cut, taking off the top layer of grass and weeds.

Finishing mowers are ideal for use on lawns and sports pitches. The three rotating blades are designed for regularly maintained, level areas of grass to give a manicured lawn finish.

In recent years we have seen the flail mower becoming increasingly popular as it will effectively top a meadow and slice through bramble and tough woody materials.  Alternatively, a high quality hammer blade flail mower with the skids and roller set at a low cutting height can rival the polished lawn finish of a traditional finishing mower.

If your tractor has two dual hydraulic spools then an offset verge flail mower may be a good choice as it can be used for ditches and verges as well as flat grassed areas. When rotated into a vertical position they can also be used to trim hedges at low level.

The decision will be influenced by your tractor, application, cutting routine and most importantly your budget. We have produced the following chart to help you make your choice.

choosing a compact tractor driven mower

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