8 Surprising Celebrity Farmers

Celebrity Farmers

When you think of celebrities in their day to day lives the first thoughts are of lavish LA apartments with numerous pools or spending time relaxing on a picturesque beach.

But there are some famous faces who are donning their wellies and getting stuck in with their own farms and smallholdings. It seems that spending time on the farm and tending to a range of animals allows most to unwind and take a break from their usually busy lives.

These are just 8 celebrities who are enjoying their life on the farm. You should spot a few well-known faces in the mix.

1. Russell Crowe

Having been born in New Zealand the Gladiator star has always had a keen interest in farming. Russell owns a 1,400-acre ranch between the rolling hills of Australia. He has admitted it is his favourite place to unwind.

2. Reese Witherspoon


Reese owns a 6-acre property just outside of Los Angeles which she bought due to the fact it ‘reminded her of her childhood in Tennessee.’ She owns so many chickens she has earned herself the nickname Chicken Lady.

3. Sir Paul McCartney


One of the biggest names in the music business bought his High Park Farm in 1966 after the breakup of the Beatles. He claims this peaceful corner of the UK was his salvation after being left aimless.

4. Zach Galifianakis


Perhaps one of the most surprising entrances to our list is the Hangover star. Zach owns a farm in his home state of North Carolina. Since his rise to fame he has managed to split his time between tending to his farm and featuring in a multitude of films.

5. Tom Selleck


Tom owns and lives on a 60-acre avocado farm in California. He says that to keep in shape he will tend to his farm ‘fixing roads and clearing bushes’ instead of going to the gym which he says he hates.

6. Martha Stewart


Martha owns a 153-acre equestrian farm. Originally it was a cow farm until it was purchased by the star. By adding additional stables, she manages to cater to the growing amount of horses she owns. Unsurprisingly her farm is known for being the epitome of perfection.

7. Nicole Kidman


While normally residing with her family in Nashville, Nicole owns multiple properties including a farmhouse in new wales Australia. Her prize possessions on this property she admits are her 6 alpacas which she describes as ‘the coolest part about living here.’

8. JB Gill

The former JLS singer is another surprising feature. He owns 11-acres in Kent and plans on expanding so he can venture into farming deer. In the meantime, however he is more than content with his 6 breeding sows, 2 boars and all his chickens.

Sam L-B