Want a taste of farming heritage but without the typical British weather? We’ve picked out just a few of the best destinations worldwide where you can explore a different taste of rural farming life.


New Zealand – New Zealand is the largest exporter of dairy and sheep meat, the agricultural lifestyle has cemented itself within the history of the beautiful country. This has led to an interesting heritage nicely complementing the stunning countryside with rolling hills and an abundance of farming animals.

Shetlands – With a mild climate these Scottish islands offer a setting perfect for bird watching and hiking. The tranquil nature is complemented very nicely with a thriving livestock community. Not only that but indulge yourself in the rich history dating back to 2000 years BC. It’s also not too far from home so the perfect get away for a short trip.

Pennsylvania (Amish Community) –  Enter a completely different world and experience the ‘simple life.’ Learn traditional ways of going about life with Amish farms as they allow you to have the unique opportunity to get away from the hustle of modern day life.

Texas – Experience a classic American ranch. Hundreds of ranches offer opportunities to live this exciting way of life we’ve all witnessed on the television. Wonderful opportunities are available to you, such as horse riding, hiking and fly fishing.

Italy – Rustic Italian settings including traditional farmhouses and vineyards make Italy an obvious choice. Regarded as Europe’s agricultural stronghold due to having the highest number of organic farms and having a farming history dating back to the Romans.



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