It’s not our favourite topic for this time of year but rural crime is at the forefront of our mind during the winter months. Statistically December has more reported crimes for theft compared to any other month within the year.

Here are some important suggestions for owners of farm machinery to make sure that you keep your equipment and machinery safe over the Christmas period.


  1. Store all machinery out of sight & securely. Preferably in good condition outbuildings, barns or we have a number of customers who use a secure shipping container.FTS Foton Wintrac 254 compact tractor
  1. Install further security measures. Locks are a must, while more advanced measures can be installed such as security lights, alarms and surveillance.
  1. Lock gates & chain up machinery. This will further deter anyone from trying to steal as it makes that much harder to pull off a successful theft.
  1. Finally an obvious one is don’t leave your keys in your tractor. Instead secure them in a safe place only you know of.


With that in mind all of the team at Farm Tech Supplies hope you all have a merry, relaxing and secure Christmas!


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