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This Massey Ferguson restoration is long overdue. The MF35X has spent the last few years being used for towing a tipping trailer and moving logs to and fro from the log store into the house. More recently being commandeered for demonstrating machinery at the smallholding and when hosting open days.

It doesn’t do as much mowing nowadays either, the ride on mower covers the lawns and we have a newer (and so far more reliable) tractor to run over the paddocks regularly through Spring and Summer. But we couldn’t bear to get rid of this iconic little red tractor so the next best course was a full restoration.

I’d like to go into great lengths to talk through the history and significant dates for our Massey Ferguson 35X but unfortunately, we are lacking some of the finer details to do so.

After a bit of investigation we found the Friends of Ferguson Heritage site, it seems the serial plate would be the first port of call for dating the tractor. The charts below have been created by the group to assist owners in dating their tractors so we thought we would share this for any other MF35, FE35 and MF35X owners out there.

Pic MF35 Models

Pic MF35 Serial Numbers

But even with all the brilliant information from the club, we spent some time searching and there is no plate to be found so watch this space for updates on this one.

Next time we hope to look into the condition of the tractor in a bit more depth and carry out some fault finding to identify which parts need restoring or replacing, although we are aiming to repair and keep any original parts where possible.


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