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This week we spent some time researching and purchasing the parts for the Massey Ferguson, for now just to cover the initial repairs and replacements (covered in last weeks’ blog). As with any restoration we expect to have a few extra jobs and plan to source any additional parts as and when we find they are needed.

Massey Ferguson MF35X Restored

Our first port of call was Maxwells in Elsted, West Sussex, and the owner had a wealth of knowledge on Massey Ferguson tractors. He advised on many of the repairs we hope to carry out during the restoration with the right type of parts and the simplest way to fit them. They also managed to source almost all the parts we needed for the restoration and originals where possible.

Massey Ferguson MF35X Parts


Massey Ferguson 35X and 135 Engine?

OK so parts are simple, right? Perhaps not so much… as we had the MF35X at Maxwells we were informed the tractor did not have a MF35X engine! In fact, it has the 3 cylinder engine of a MF135, which is the model manufactured after our tractor.

At some point in its life the original engine must have had a failure and required a replacement engine. The Massey Ferguson 135 45.5hp Perkins engine was more readily available and a near direct fit which seems to be why it went undetected! It looks like there are also a few other parts on the tractor from a Massey Ferguson 135 so we’ll try to get these components back to the 35X variant where possible.


MF35 Manual

Massey Ferguson MF35 ManualNext was an operator’s manual, this wasn’t too difficult to come by thanks to Roger at Roger Topping Garden Machinery (Hindhead, Surrey) who had heard of our project after visiting our workshop on a previous occasion and very kindly lent us a his Massey Ferguson MF35 service manual. We’ll post a few of the pages as we progress with the restoration for anyone who would also like to reference these when carrying out their own MF35 projects.


Finally, with the service manual on the shelf and the parts ready to go in the workshop, we can get to work on taking the tractor apart and getting some of the components replaced and repaired next week.

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