Massey Ferguson 35X Restoration Part 4

Pic radiator removal

Removing the bonnet & radiator

Difficulty Rating:  Novice home_icon_a_rose


We thought we would begin our repairs at the front of the tractor with the water pump, so started with removing the bonnet and radiator.
The diagram from the service manual (see below) shows the positioning of the pump on the MF35 with basic instructions on how to get access to the parts at the front end of the tractor.

MF35X Parts Diagram


Preparation Work

Gaining access to the water pump was simple with a good bit of elbow grease to loosen off a few stiff nuts and bolts. To save a bit of time only one of the nuts underneath the radiator bracket needs to be removed completely as the other side can be slid out of the bracket.

Alongside your regular tools for this job you will also need:

  • An extra pair of hands was also ‘handy’ here for lifting off the bonnet as it can be a bit tricky to negotiate.
  • large bucket for draining the radiator as it does tend to spray out a bit when releasing the drain cock.

Step by Step Instructions


Next time we hope to get the fan and pump off the tractor. Then take a look at why water is leaking and if it is a viable repair job to carry out or whether we will need some replacement parts to fix this.