Supermarkets are struggling to stock-up and shelve certain popular vegetables such as iceberg lettuce and broccoli at the moment. This is due to severe weather in Spain and other exporting countries which has led to a difficult harvest this year. Therefore, we have decided to offer a few alternative vegetables that offer the same if not better health benefits.

Romaine lettuce as an alternative to Iceberg lettuce: This highly nutritious leafy green comes with an abundance of health benefits. These include having an ultra-high source of vitamin A, K and C, along with being high in folate and fibre. Not only that but overall it has nowhere near as much sugar in as Iceberg lettuce but still provides just as much energy, while having the same crunch we all know and love.

Kale as an alternative to the broccoli head: Kale is virtually fat free and low in calories. Because it contains so many different types of nutrients it can play a very helpful part in ensuring you have a balanced diet. Furthermore, it is a great source of vitamins K, A and C and plays a role in normal blood clotting and maintaining normal bones.

Celery as an alternative to the broccoli stalk: It is a proven fact that celery helps lower cholesterol, which in turn leads to an extremely healthy lifestyle. On top of this it also rich in anti-oxidants which are essential in combating inflammation.