Massey Ferguson 35X Restoration Part 5


Removing the Water Pump

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It’s expected with tractor restoration and general repairs you are likely to get a spanner or two in the works. We’ve already established the tractor has a MF135 engine but also the water pump on the tractor is for the same model and the fan. This meant that there was not enough space for the fan cowling so both parts will need to be sourced.

So now that we have access to the water pump the next step is to remove the part. Consulting the drawings in the service manual there are two types of water pump on the MF35 tractors, ours is the second style which is for the 3-A-152 diesel engine. The manual also provides a handy guide to removing the water pump (see below).

Pic Water pump diagram 6 remove, disassemble


Step by Step Instructions


Pump Condition

Pic Water pump old and new 1The removed pump was a little worse for wear than anticipated. You can see from our pictures that there is surface wearing but inside the pump hides the main faults. It looks like it had been running with no antifreeze in the system for quite a time and this meant that the internals of the pump had rusted and the bearing seized. Whether this caused the leak or whether the leak had aided the failure of the pump we will never know but sadly means a new pump needed to be sourced.

Pic Water pump old and new 2Next job was contacting our local parts supplier (Maxwell’s in Elsted) and picking up the new water pump. The sourced pump had a different bolt hole positioning as shown in the photographs below. This meant that the new pump could fit a MF35 fan (instead of the existing MF135 part) so in some respect an advantage although a shame to have to see the old pump go.


Extra Info: Dismantling and Assembling MF35 Water Pump

We thought it may be a good idea to post the rest of the information for taking apart the pump even though it was un-needed for our restoration. To repair for anyone who may still have a salvageable pump and wishes to restore it. There are also a few frost tips with a couple of alternatives for anti-freeze – showing the real age of the service manual and tractor now!