Rearing chickens as pets can be an extremely rewarding exploit, however picking the right breed can be challenging, especially if you have a young family and are looking for a breed which is child-friendly.
We’ve decided to explore just a few of the breed options available and hope that this helps in choosing your chickens, whether it’s a first flock or an addition to your existing chickens.


Reaching the shores of the western world from China in the 1850s, these large fowls were hailed at first for their laying capabilities. However, over time their exhibition quality has really shone through. Soft, fluffy, feathered legs and having an extremely passive temperament gives them a cuddly image which resonates well with kids.


A very large bird coupled with the ‘beetle brow’ this can be perceived as a menacing breed; however, it has developed a reputation as a gentle giant over the years, it treats every experience with kind curiosity. Known as the ‘King of Chickens’ they are the perfect choice for any family.


Developed by William Cook in 1886, named after a village in Kent initially it was perfect for laying a good number of eggs, a trait it still carries today. Although the look of these birds has drastically changed over the years due to it being a favoured exhibition breed. They now come in a variety colours and have become immensely large. Thankfully this hasn’t affected their placid, friendly nature.


This breed is very popular as pets and has become the most commonly kept decorative type of chicken. Constant handling from owners has meant they have developed a trusting nature with their owners. Another advantage of this chicken is that they are extremely tolerant of bad weather but they still need to be provided with shelter otherwise mud will ruin their delicate appearance.


Easily tamed, inquisitive and having a less chance of scratching due to the feathering on their feet they are the ideal chicken for young children. Not only that but having the bonus of being small they are perfect for people with limited space.


Originally reared in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain it has a reputation as a beautiful and friendly creature. It is regarded as arguably the best for beginners or people with smaller pens due to its size and hardiness. Perhaps the best trait is they seek the company of their owners resulting in them being reasonably tamed.


One of the most popular and smallest breeds worldwide, owing to its jaunty posture and slight build. It is a very tolerable, active little bird making it more than suitable for little children. Easily tamed and beautiful it is easy to see why so many people own them.