Protecting the environment is often at the fore front of many people’s minds. However, when it comes down to it many people are stuck on how to tackle the issue in their own homes. In this blog, we will be offering some handy and simple tips which should help make your everyday gardening jobs just a little bit greener.

Making compost from kitchen offcuts is a very simple alternative to purchasing off the shelf products. An economic choice which will stimulate healthy roots in your existing plants.

Going native and ensuring the vegetation you plant matches that of the local environment will lead to easier growth and maintenance.

Recycle rainwater by installing a water butt, these can be easily run off existing drainage. This will effortlessly ensure the water you feed to your plants isn’t full of the chemicals from your regular tap water.

Provide a pesticide free environment to entice bees and butterflies to your green patches. Bees are essential for pollination and unfortunately, in recent years the bee population has been declining.

Finally try to employ the four R’s to any future gardening jobs and regular maintenance – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Rebuy.