The Finishing Touches

Although the UK is still holding out for the first lengthy dose of summer weather,

events season is just around the corner – think stunning garden weddings, fancy summer parties and plenty of exciting outdoor sporting activities.

Summer has a way of tinting everything with a glorious glow – but even the sunshine won’t make a dishevelled and poorly kept lawn look good. So, when the sun finally decides to show its face, you’ll want to be ready for the occasion. Which means lawns need to be perfectly manicured and looking their best ahead of all the upcoming events.

The best tool for the job? If you have a compact tractor and a large area to prepare, then a finishing mower is undoubtedly the one to go for!

A finishing mower will give the lawn a close, smooth trim – and is capable of covering large areas in one go to save both time and energy. Making it the ideal implement for sprucing up sports fields, hotel gardens and public parks ahead of big events.

A finishing mower is usually wide and flat, with three rotary blades and height-adjustable wheels which help to stabilise, leave an even to-the-ground cut and prevent soil compaction. The blades of a finishing mower are also lower than on a standard rotary mower, enabling them to provide a uniform cut on flat and uneven landscapes.

A typical model with the minimum specifications can cut areas from 1.2m to 1.8m in one pass, with the grass trimmed to as short as 2cm.

The best mower for the job

Farm Tech Supplies stocks a selection of different finishing mowers at varying price points – from the lower end of the scale to the top end. We take a look at three models across the ranges…

Winton Finishing Mowers are perfect for cutting lawns, golf courses, sports fields and other large areas of land. The mowers are driven by two belts, which give power to the three blades and use a rotary cutting action like a traditional lawn mower to create a close-cut finish.

With a cutting height ranging from 2-8cm, the mowers also benefit from an extended linkage which creates a bigger clearance – meaning less chance of the mower wheels fouling on the tractor wheels. The wheels also have an upgraded profile from the traditional castors.

At £900 (incl. VAT), the WFM120 model has a working width of 1.2m and is most suited for those with smaller compact tractors. For those looking to cut a bigger area, the WFM180 with a working width of 1.8m may be preferable at £1,175 (incl. VAT).

If you’re taking care of extensive grounds such as hotel gardens on a regular basis, the Italian-manufactured Agrint Finishing Mowers are ideal. The EA215 model is a high-quality rear discharge cutter which offers a superior finish.

This style of mower is best suited to level areas and is perfect for producing a professional finish for regular grass cutting. This mower also benefits from pivoting wheels and refined lightweight construction, which means it can be operated by a range of smaller or lower powered compact tractors.

Like the Winton models, the EA215 has a three-blade design and four height-adjustable wheels to help stabilise the mower and leave an even cut when mowing – although this model has a cutting range of 2-9cm.

At £2,240 (incl. VAT), this model is a little pricier; however, it has a working width of 2.15m, enabling larger areas to be perfected in a shorter amount of time. Agrint also offers an optional mulching kit for EA Finishing Mowers.

To find out more about our range of finishing mowers and other tractor attachments, please email or call us on 01420 520510. Our team will be happy to help you find the right equipment for your needs.