Winton offers a fantastic selection of tractor attachments, which are suitable for use with small compact tractors through to medium-sized ones.

The high-performance, robust and durable products are ideal for use on smallholdings and estates. All machinery also comes with a 12-month parts warranty so that you can buy with complete confidence and peace of mind!

Winton has continued to add more sizes and strives to introduce additional products across its existing ranges. Let’s take a look at what’s new for 2020…

Available now! 

Winton WAM Flail Hedge Cutters

Available with either a 0.6m, 0.8m or 1m flail head, the Winton flail hedge cutters are great for cutting hedge tops, ditches, embankments, tricky verges and roadsides.

These hedge cutters are fitted with Y-style flail blades — and thanks to the PTO-driven hydraulic pump, they can be used independently of the tractor hydraulics. The fully adjustable cutting arm also makes these machines highly versatile, while the simple operating levers control the cutting head height and reach.

Winton WPH130 Power Harrow

Ideal for use by landscapers and allotment owners, the 1.3m wide power harrow makes light work of preparing the ground to be reseeded or turfed.

The power harrow is designed for less stony or rocky areas with no grass and is essential for aerating the ground. This enables the soil to gain warmth quicker so that planted materials can grow in healthier conditions. The roller helps to gently level off the aerated soil to create a quality finish and the perfect seedbed.

Individual blade carriers also help to optimise efficiency, while the shear bolt PTO enhances safety.

Winton WTL15 Tipping Trailer

Thanks to its 1.5tn capacity, the tipping trailer is suitable for various compact tractors and ideal for moving a wide range of items around any smallholding, woodlands or forestry.

This attachment is fitted with upgraded and wide turf tyres to reduce tread marks, as well as an independent hand brake and removable sides and rear panels. The simple pin hitch makes it easy to fit and remove the trailer from any small or compact tractor, while the single hydraulic spool enables you to operate the upwards lift of the trailer.

Winton WRP1 Ripper & Pipe Layer

This attachment is ideal for laying flexible water pipe or armoured cable up to 4.5cm in size. It is quick and easy to use around smallholdings, greenhousing and drainage. The WRP1 also benefits from a reversible and replaceable blade, as well as a steel design for added strength and reliability.

Depending on the power of the tractor and soil type, the ripper can physically go down to approximately 60cm; the usual operating depth is 18 inches, although this also depends on the soil type and tractor size.

New for April/May 2020!

Winton WFC120 Flail Collector

Flail collectors work best on flat, well-kept areas of short grass. This 1.2m wide attachment is ideal for the regular maintenance of lawns, parks, amenity areas, vineyards and wildflower meadows.

The WFC120 collects the cut materials using spirally arranged blades, which make for an efficient cut and leave a lawn quality finish. Cuttings can then be tipped out using the hydraulic controls on the tractor.

Winton WTM Topper Mowers

Available in three different sizes (1.1m, 1.4m and 1.6m), the Winton topper mowers are ideal for smallholding owners looking to tackle ‘topping’ overgrown grass or fields, weeds, light scrub and saplings in pasture and paddock areas.

These mowers leave longer cuttings which settle in rows along the skids and create a rougher overall finish. The skids are easily adjustable, with a cutting height ranging from 5cm to 25cm, for optimal control.

The lightweight body makes this attachment perfect for use with low-power tractors, while the shear bolt PTO enhances safety.

As part of the Winton distribution network, we supply the Winton range to smallholders and compact tractor owners in and around Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. To find out more about these products or to arrange a working demonstration, please contact or call 01420 520510.