While Grass and Paddock Harrows appear very similar and perform some of the same tasks, there are a few differences. How does their make-up differ and how does this effect their usage?

Grass or Paddock Harrow: What’s the Difference?

The Shape of Things

Both Grass and Paddock Harrows consist of a drawbar and a lattice of tines. The drawbar can be attached to the ball hitch on a tractor, ATV, UTV or 4×4. Some of our customers have even pulled them behind working horses! The tines on both types of harrow are connected in a chain link formation, with a hook-like tine at the rear of the attachments.

Basic tine

3-way tine

However, the tines themselves are somewhat different between the Grass and Paddock Harrows. Grass Harrows are formed by a simple pattern of two interlocking steel shapes. In contrast, Paddock Harrows consist of a more complex set of three interlocking shapes.

Functionality of Form

Both types of harrow are ideal for equestrian centres and smallholdings alike. They differ in terms of versatility and cost. Grass Harrows have tines which have a single direction of travel and can remove thatch from fields as well as levelling mole hills and keeping horse gallops up to scratch. This also aerates the soil and encourages new growth for the healthiest grass. Being more lightweight and with a simpler design, Grass Harrows cost less to buy.

Paddock Harrows are much more versatile, as the tines can give three different intensities of harrow, depending on which way they are turned. The primary position gives the most vigorous harrow, removing moss and weeds, as well as aerating the soil. When the bar is fixed to the opposite side of the harrow bed, a medium strength harrow is achieved. This loosens surface clods of earth and crusting, but also can be used to spread a layer of manure or compost over freshly prepared ground quickly and easily. Lastly, when the harrow is flipped over, the upturned tines are perfect for levelling soil and raking over seeds. These harrows make maintaining grassy areas and levelling soil quick and easy tasks.

Thanks to the variation between Grass and Paddock Harrows, in terms of price as well as the formation of the tines and their different capabilities, there is a drag harrow for any pocket or purpose. Our current range of harrows include:

Grass harrows – basic tines

Paddock harrows – 3-way tines