Although Halloween will be slightly different this year it doesn’t stop pumpkins being in season!

Whether you have grown your own or have brought some ready to carve you always end up with leftovers. Here are some tips so none of it goes to waste!

Firstly, you could use them as bird feeders. Scoop out the pumpkin insides, carve it into a bowl shape and fill it with bird seed. Be sure to put it up out of reach of other animals or you may end up with pumpkin across the whole garden!

The next option is cooking with it! You can do anything from pumpkin pie to pumpkin soup to pumpkin cake! This time of year there are plenty of recipes flying about!

You can use the pumpkin shell as a plant pot. You just need to scoop the pumpkin out, dry it off and fill it with soil and a plant of your choice.

And finally, one for the children… you can use the pumpkin flesh as stamps for painting.

Enjoy these autumnal activities!