We are often asked what the difference is between a rotovator, power harrow & stone burrier. A lot of it comes down to what you will be using it for as they all do slightly different things. Below we have listed the pros of each machine.

Our rotovators are ideal for tilling and cultivating compacted ground. They have height adjustable skids for flexible use. Rotovators work by breaking up compacted soil to leave the ground ready for planting. They are most often used in vegetable gardens and allotments.

Our power harrows are designed for grass-less & less stony/rocky areas. The harrows sieve the top of the soil for soil aeration. The rollers then gently level off the aerated soil. Harrowing enables soil to gain warmth quicker so that planted materials grow in healthier conditions.

Our stone buriers are ideal for use around small holdings and paddocks. The stone buriers bury stones and debris whilst the roller levels off the tilled soil. The stone buriers have a tilling depth of 12cm.

Pros of each machine:


  • Height adjustable skids
  • Rear flap/guard adjustment
  • 9cm tilling depth

Power Harrow:

  • Seedbed Preparation
  • Soil Aeration
  • Quality Finish

Stone buriers:

  • Burying stones and debris
  • Seedbed Preparation
  • Ground Levelling
  • Quality Finish
  • 12cm Tilling depth