With the recent mild winters rat populations are on the rise. Cold winters would normally create a natural cull, but recent years have shown the numbers to increase.

We have put together some tips to keep them at bay…

  • Try to stop feeding wild birds as this can encourage them.
  • Keep grass short and cut back any overgrown areas as this is ideal for them to hide in!
  • Move things around in the garden, rats don’t like change.
  • Block off any space under the decking or into any buildings where they could hide.
  • If you have one, try and keep your bin or heap uninviting. Try not to add food scraps which might entice them.
  • If you have some root vegetables, fruit etc stored try and keep them secure and away from rats.

The last option if you have taken these measures and are still having problems could be to invest in some poison or traps. Most garden centres sell these.