Whether you already have chickens or are looking forward to getting some for fresh eggs daily we have put together some key information needed to keep you and your chickens happy!

Chickens should be kept outside in a coop or shed. The accommodation needs perches and a nest box for laying. It must also be as watertight as possible. The accommodation needs to be fox and vermin proof as well as providing good ventilation. Leading on from this you must always remember to shut the chickens in at night to protect from predators. Chopped straw or shavings are ideal bedding for the birds and you need to aim for one square foot of floor space per bird.

Chickens need a balanced diet, there are plenty of formulated feeds out there. Allow enough feeding space to avoid bullying and keep any spills tidy to keep rodents at bay. The birds will need fresh clean water at all times and grit as an aid for digestion.

Some tips to help with your chickens health include..

Keeping wild birds out of the enclosure

Avoid sharing equipment with other poultry keepers

Quarantine any new additions you add to your flock

Treat the birds regularly with a wormer

And finally wash your hands thoroughly after handling the birds.

We hope you have found these tips useful and have happy chickens!