February can see a vast range of weather from snowy to warmer, sunnier days! When the temperatures rise above 5C a few honeybees may leave their nest to get some much needed water!

The bees will make short flights to collect water, dispose of dead bodies and to clear out any poo from the hive.

February sees an increase in the Queen laying eggs. It takes 21 days for an egg laid in cell to emerge as an adult worker. They will then get to work immediately after emerging. The Queen laying eggs this time of year ensures a new generation of workers ready to harvest the first blooms in March and April.

Later in February when the colder weather is behind us you may notice Queens flying close to the ground looking for sites for a new nest. Queens benefit from dense hairs that keep them warm and able to fly in low temperatures.

To help the bees make it through the cold winter months try and plant as many spring flowers as possible. Lets hope for a short winter and mild spring for the bees to get to work!