With the growing season underway, one of the most time-consuming tasks for any smallholder is grass cutting. Whether you are tackling an overgrown pasture or a manicured lawn, paddock topping for horses and livestock, or cutting grass in orchards or vineyards, it is important to choose a mower that is robust and compact in design. Simply attach your chosen mower to your compact tractor to access those difficult to reach areas and narrow gateways.

Topper mowers – take the tops off!

Traditionally a topper mower was the preferred choice for a pasture, paddock or small holding with a cutting action similar to a lawn mower, chopping off the top layer of grasses and weeds back to a more manageable length. A topper mower will leave rows of long grass cuttings – easy to rake-up afterwards. If you have brambles edging into your fields, then a topper mower is ideal for tackling these invasive woody plants, stopping them in their tracks. Easy to maintain and economically priced, topper mowers are a great buy if you’re looking for an effective rough cut.

Finishing mowers – a closer shave

Finishing mowers are ideal for lawns and sports pitches where you want a more polished lawn finish. The three rotating blades are designed for even/level areas of grass that are frequently maintained to achieve a closer-cut, manicured finish.

Flail mowers – more versatility

The increasingly popular flail mower is a good all-round mower which successfully tops a meadow, slices through tough woody brambles, and if used regularly is also effective on short grass leaving a polished lawn finish.

A high-quality hammer blade flail mower, with the skids and roller set at a low cutting height, can rival the manicured finish of a traditional finishing mower. If your compact tractor has two dual hydraulic spools, then an offset verge flail mower might be a good choice; it can handle verges and ditches and when rotated into a vertical position can trim hedges at a low level.

A flail mower has the added benefit of leaving short grass cuttings that quickly mulch down to provide a great natural fertiliser. Other advantages of a flail mower include its ability to handle rough, uneven ground, its highly manoeuvrable in small spaces, and as they are more compact than the topper mower, they’re also easier to store in-between cuts.

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