Have you recently purchased a smallholding? Are you looking for new ways to make an income? With the liberty of space, multi-purpose pastures, outbuildings and natural resources, a smallholding can be a useful base for an array of business opportunities. From our conversations with a variety of smallholders, we share some of their smallholding business ideas that you may wish to explore…

  1. If your smallholding benefits from multiple outbuildings consider converting these into holiday rental cottages. Although influenced by seasonal demand, holiday cottages can generate repeat bookings and recommendations.
  2.  Offer outdoor activities such as guided nature trails, archery, fishing trips and water-sports (if you are near a lake or river).
  3. An outbuilding may present a potential storage solution for a business in need of a secure commercial storage facility, or an opportunity for a licensed boarding facility for dogs and cats whilst their owners take a vacation.
  4. Run a registered campsite, glamping, and/or caravan site where customers can pitch up comfortably.
  5. Rent out spare land to hobby farmers and allotment clubs.
  6. Serene backdrops and secluded spaces provide an idyllic location for exclusive private events, regular craft and restoration workshops and photography shoots.
  7. ‘Buying local’ is increasing in popularity with growing support from restaurants often looking for a niche supply of choice ingredients for popular dishes. Consider producing and selling homegrown fruit and vegetables.Consistency and excellent quality produce and service is key, to ensure repeat custom. Produce will be affected by seasonality, but you can extend the growing season by investing in a good size polytunnel or growing certain hardy types.
  8. Set-up a fruit and vegetable box scheme offering a selection of seasonal options. Plan what needs to be sown, planted and harvested.
  9. Advertise your produce online, sell at farmers’ markets, join a country market or a local farm cooperative.
  10. With space for a wood-fired stone oven, you could set-up an artisanal bakery and offer baking workshops.
  11. Beekeeping is a popular relatively low-cost side business for many smallholders. Although it is a technical discipline and the hives do require a lot of attention.
  12. Focus on learning and improving your knowledge and expertise in a specialist area for example; rearing a rare breed of pigs, farming lavender like they do at Hartley Park Farm, or growing gourmet garlic as one farm does on the Isle of Wight.

Engage with other likeminded smallholders, local farmers and community groups for smallholding business ideas and advice. Explore opportunities from the vast amount of material online and attend farm open days – check out LEAF Open Farm Sunday.

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