Just the right size to move in-between and around fruit trees, vegetable patches and plants, a compact tractor with an array of handy, versatile attachments can make a real difference to a small-scale farmer. Whether you are new to farming or a seasoned grower, explore Winton’s top equipment picks for small-scale farmers. Simply attach any of these pieces of equipment to your compact tractor and away you go!

A common issue when preparing an area of land for planting, is stones, clods, crop residues and debris. Create the perfect seedbed for different horticultural crops with a Winton Stone Burier. This nifty machine can perform several jobs simultaneously: till the soil, bury stones, debris, and old vegetable stems, break up clumps of soil and clay (like a cultivator), and level a field ready for planting. The stone burier works on all types of soil, and even in uncultivated meadows. The combined process of the stone burier’s tilling rotor; digging, lifting, and breaking up soil with its special spade blades, and its rear rake for filtering soil, pushes stones and debris deep into the ground whilst bringing a layer of lighter refined soil to the surface. This process also improves ground drainage and reduces stagnant water. The burier’s rear mesh roller then leaves a level seedbed ready for rolling, planting, or seeding grass, and is fully adjustable for sloped areas.

For soil with fewer stones and debris, you may prefer a more traditional option for seedbed preparation; a Winton Heavy Duty Rotovator. Rotovators use a set of blades that twist and churn through compacted soil, perforating the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to nourish the earth ready for planting or laying turf. The rotovator’s rear flap will also create a smooth, level finish to the soil. Winton also supply pipe layers, a simple piece of equipment for laying pipes to water your trees, plants and vegetables, avoiding the costly hire of a digger.

Other top equipment picks for small-scale farmers include the multitalented Winton Verge Flail Mower, that can move around small spaces and handle rough, uneven ground. Like a traditional flail mower with hammer blades, creating nutritious mulch cuttings for the soil, this mower also has an ingenious hydraulic side shift and tilt for cutting low hedges and tricky grassed areas, verges, and ditches. This flexible machine also helps to prevent nettles, scrub, and other weeds from taking a foothold on your farm.

Once harvested, you can swiftly carry all of your fruit and vegetables with either a Winton Tipping Trailer (which requires a hydraulic spool to operate the upwards lift) or a Tipping Transport Box (which operates with a manual lever). The trailer has a simple pin hitch for attaching to a compact tractor, an independent hand brake and wide turf tyres to reduce tread marks. Whereas the transport box has a three-point linkage for attaching to a compact tractor and front scoop ideal for reversing into mounds. Both have removeable sides to load and offload a variety of farming equipment and materials around your farm.

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