With a perfect home nestled within the beautiful Berkshire countryside, the Berkshire Animal Connection Centre (BACC) provides a caring sanctuary for animals rescued from dire circumstances, animals that require ongoing rehabilitation due to medical, health or behavioural issues, and animals that do not ‘fit’ into a specific role in society or are struggling to live in ‘traditional domesticity’ (think stabled horses).

The sanctuary aims to demonstrate via interactive sessions and open days, that animals can make a huge difference (through therapy) to people suffering from mental health conditions such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and loneliness. And all of this occurs whilst the animals are happily enjoying their life at the centre in an environment set up to closely mimic that of their natural lifestyle and habitats.

All animals require a suitable environment, a suitable diet, the ability to act out most or all of their natural behaviours, protection from pain and suffering, and suitable housing with (or apart) from others. The BACC is very confident that they satisfy the welfare needs of all animals at the centre, and that every animal is given the special care and attention they need as an individual. No animal’s life is worthless, and by demonstrating to the public and animal owners how the sanctuary chooses to keep their animals, will hopefully have a positive impact on animal welfare in society.

Farm Tech Supplies are delighted to support the Berkshire Animal Connection Centre with a donation of a Winton Tipping Transport Box. The box simply attaches to a compact tractor and is perfect for everyday use around the barn and fields with removable sides and a rear scoop for reversing into mounds of manure, grass, and hay. Designed with reliability and flexibility in mind, the Tipping Transport Box can move a variety of farming equipment and materials around the centre. A very useful piece of kit which will save many hours of physical labour!

A Director of BACC, Alex Le Grand explains “We are thrilled to have the support of another great local business. Farm Tech Supplies is a fantastic supplier of tractor implements for smallholders. Whilst we are a relatively large sanctuary, we have plenty of areas that are on a smaller scale for birds, smaller livestock, and pedestrian use that are too small to access with a large 75hp Kioti Tractor. Therefore, we purchased a smaller 20hp tractor to maintain these areas. FTS have supplied us with a Tipping Transport Box to fit to our smaller tractor, that we can use to muck out the barn and all the pens. The box tips and is therefore perfect for all sorts of jobs around the farm. We can also use it for cleaning up livestock areas, carrying fence posts when installing or repairing fences or even moving hardcore and other materials around the farm. With some Cat 1 to Cat 2 linkage adapters, we can also fit the transport box nicely to the larger Kioti tractor. It is very versatile, and we would highly recommend it to any farm, large or small. Thank you, Farm Tech Supplies, for supporting BACC and helping us to continue to fulfil our charitable aims; Sanctuary, Education, Interaction”.