Picnic in the Paddock #NationalPicnicWeek! Relax and enjoy the outdoors (in-between the showers!) with a basket of your favourite food, sweet strawberries and cream, a glass of bubbly perhaps and your favourite picnic blanket for a good old-fashioned picnic! The outdoors could be your garden or local park, or if you have a smallholding with a pasture or paddock, why not picnic in the paddock?

For a healthy, summer picnic-perfect paddock or pasture you’ll want to mow the grass little and often. Aim to top off a third of the grass length every time, as cutting too short leaves the grass vulnerable to drought, weed and moss infestation. Carefully mow damp or long grass which is more susceptible to damage, and mow less frequently during very hot dry weather when the grass is stressed.

Farm Tech Supplies stock a range of mowers for cutting short grass, overgrown weeds, large fields, sloping verges, level lawns and uneven land:

A topper mower will chop off the top layer of grasses and weeds back to a more manageable length, leaving a rough cut and rows of long grass cuttings. Easy to maintain and economically priced, our Fleming Topper Mower is a good choice here.

A finishing mower is ideal if you’re only looking for a closer-cut and polished lawn finish. With three rotating blades designed for even/level areas of grass that are frequently maintained. One option, and currently at a sale price is our Agrint EA120 Finishing Mower.

A mower with more versatility is the increasingly popular flail mower. A good all-round mower which successfully tops a meadow, slices through tough woody brambles, and with regular use is great on short grass leaving a polished lawn finish. There are a few options here, including a Winton Verge Flail WVF150 with its hydraulic side shift and tilt for verges and cutting low hedges and heavy hammer blades for overgrown areas.

Or if you don’t have a compact tractor then our ATV flail mower G-AFL120 is a great choice, with its own Loncin engine so it can simply be towed behind a 4×4 vehicle or quad bike!

To help you choose the right mower, or to book a demonstration, contact our friendly sales team on 01420 520510, or email sales@farmtechsupplies.co.uk.