Although traditional flail mowers are fantastic for maintaining grass in flat fields and paddocks, they are not so handy for verges or between trees in an orchard. However, there is a solution.

Which Is Which?

Side-shift flail mowers, like those available from Winton or Agrint, or side-offset, can be moved to the side of the tractor. The Agrint ranges available from FTS are manual offset, so they must be set to the side by hand. However, the LIBEC132 and LIBEC158 can be upgraded to a hydraulic offset. In contrast, the Winton Side-Shift Flail Mower is hydraulic, so using the tractor’s hydraulics, the mower can be shifted without any manual effort. The control lever can be attached to your tractor. This means that you don’t even need to leave your seat.

Verge flail mowers, such as the Winton Verge Flail, can be offset to the side in the same way as the Winton Side-Shift Flail Mower. However, the verge flail can also cut at an upwards vertical angle of 90°, or a downwards angle of 50°.

The Benefits

The side-shift capability isn’t necessary for paddocks or fields without anything in them. However they are ideal for areas with trees or other obstacles, such as orchards or vineyards. Even if the tractor cannot get into a space, the mower will be able to reach them with a quick and easy adjustment. As conventional flail mowers usually barely reach beyond the wheels, the side-shift can avoid any near misses with fences or hedgerows. This also means that the driver can avoid low branches more easily. They are better-suited to smaller tractors. In contrast, verge flails require a larger tractor for the stability and to be able to lift the head, especially when it is at full extension and angled. Manual offset ranges are ideal if you have a tractor without any hydraulic outlets.

The verge flail mower has the added advantage that it can be angled to cut grass on slopes. This means it has the ability to keep both ditches and verges tidy. The cutting head can be tilted vertically to cut the sides of low hedges. The Winton Verge Flail Mower is suitable for UK roads so it does not have to be relegated to your land, but can also maintain any roads you have responsibility for. It is also a great all-round cutter as it can be used as a conventional rear mower for cutting paddocks when positioned directly behind the tractor

Topper mowers, finishing mowers, and standard flail mowers are fantastic bits of kit for any smallholding or estate. But there are some jobs they just can’t tackle, such as ditches, verges or the spaces between trees. For this problem, side-shift mowers and verge flail mowers are the solution!