Although agricultural tipping trailers and transport boxes have the same purpose, it is important to know which one is best for you and your tractor. This is a brief guide to the pros and cons of each.

TTB150 FTS tipping box Massey Ferguson

Transport Boxes

Transport boxes, such as the FTS Transport Box, can be attached to the three-point linkage of most small or compact tractors. They usually have a manual tipping mechanism, so they do not require any hydraulics on the tractor to function. The tipping mechanism is operated with a lever next to the linkage, and to be reset, it just needs to be pushed back into place. This cuts down on maintenance time and costs.

If the rear panel is removed, the transport box can be lowered to the ground by adjusting the linkage, and used as a scoop. This means that materials such as sand, gravel or manure can be quickly and easily loaded without the effort of shovelling it into the box.

The downside of the transport box is the smaller size and carrying capacity, which on our range varies from 250kg to 400kg. However, for smaller estates and smallholdings, these transport boxes are sufficient.

WTL15 Winton tipping trailer Massey Ferguson

Agricultural Tipping Trailers

In contrast to the transport box, agricultural tipping trailers, like those from Winton, have a much higher carrying capacity, with the afore mentioned ranges carrying between 1.25tn and 2tn. This will cut down on the number of journeys you will to transport any material from point A to point B.

Unlike the transport box, the tipping trailer requires hydraulics on the tractor in order to operate the tipping mechanism. This requires 1 single acting hydraulic ‘trailer’ spool on the tractor. This requires minimum effort on the part of the operator, which is a bonus when the greater carrying capacity is taken into consideration. However, the hydraulic parts can be more expensive to repair and more difficult to maintain than the manual parts of the transport box.

Agricultural tipping trailers do not need a three-point linkage to attach to your tractor, only a simple pin hitch. This means they are quick and easy to attach and detach. The adjustable jockey stand can stabilise the trailer when stationary, even on mildly uneven ground.

Whether you feel the size and ease of use of the hydraulically operated agricultural tipping trailer is for you, or the lower cost and easily maintained transport box with scoop action, we have the attachment for you!