ArmaTrac describes their products as ‘Armed well for even the toughest jobs, anywhere on earth’. With distribution across four continents, this company has earned that motto. But what is their origin? And what compact tractors do they offer?

In Focus: ArmaTrac Compact Tractors

Made in Turkey

While the brand name ArmaTrac is relatively recent, the company behind it, namely Erkunt, goes back to 1953 in Turkey. It began as a general foundry and pattern shop, and within two years they were producing machine parts and casting NATO standard waste water pipes, among other things. By 1961 Erkunt became a corporation, making automotive, agricultural tractor and motor parts.

In 2003, the tractor division of the company was established as Erkunt Tractor Industries, Inc. They were the first Turkish manufacturer to design and produce their own tractors without being under license to another international automotive company. Production began the next year, and within six years they were ranked the third tractor company in Turkey.

The ArmaTrac brand name appeared in 2007, when the company began exporting tractors internationally. Now, ArmaTrac tractors are distributed across not only Europe, but also Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean, with transmissions built in Turkey under their own license.

Current Models

ArmaTrac has an extensive range of tractors, ranging from small to large. This is the compact range available in the UK:

  • The 504e Cabin is quite luxurious for its 50 HP, with an air-conditioned cabin, but the 4-wheel drive functionality makes it ideal for rugged work on smallholdings.
  • Ideal for orchards and vineyards, the 50 HP 512 Fruit Garden and 514 Fruit Garden are compact enough for small spaces, with the choice of 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive respectively.
  • Likewise, the larger 612 & 614 Fruit Garden come with the option for 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive, but with more power at 58 HP.
  • Just like its smaller cousin, the 704 Lux Cabin (CRD) boasts an air-conditioned cabin, which couples with 68 HP on a 4-wheel drive to make field work a breeze.
  • The 804 Fruit Garden is compact but still packs a punch at 79 HP, making it perfect for large orchards and vineyards.
  • The 75.5 HP 804 Lux Cabin (CRD) has a luxurious air-conditioned cabin, as the name suggests, but also has the power and 4-wheel drive to cover plenty of ground.

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